Gabarino Response

10 Jan

In the first chapter Dr. James Gabarino’s book Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them, Gabarino argues that violence in youth is caused by some distinguishable factors and not just random bad seeds in the population.  He focuses very strongly on the noticeable difference between how white youth violence is treated and how African American and other minority violence is treated.  He believes that the violence in inner city areas, suburban areas, and rural areas all have different but valid reasons for why this youth violence is occurring and the root causes for media reaction to violence coming from different ethnicities.  Gabarino also uses this to argue that because of the violence shown by some of the youths can be excusable under certain circumstances.

For inner cities it seems to be the extreme poverty of the community that has been caused in some cases by past racial in equalities and poor planning by government agencies.   It puts many of the people forced to live in these impoverished neighborhoods in a place where sometimes violence is necessary for survival.  In suburbia he says there are trends of domestic abuse both mentally and physically (even sexually), and that children are affected in their young age and develop coping mechanism for their problems inside.  When they turn violent it seems is when they can’t cope anymore and either believes it’s too late and want to die, or are really using this attention to get the help they need.  In rural areas much of the aggressive nature can be described by the culture so ingrained in some the mostly rural southern communities.  Much of this culture stems from slave days and is not caused so much by African Americans as it is caused by the effects of slavery.  The southern culture and the religion that came with it was engrained into the rural areas and into the black community.  This caused a very strong “eye for an eye” feeling which came from the roots of the religion and into the culture, and this only ensighted more violence.

While reading and thinking about what Gabarino is arguing in his paper I couldn’t help but continue to agree with most the points he was making.  It’s not just that a lot of the youth violence is invigorated because of racial stereotypes and past issues but also because the American family is in detriment.  The statistics for parents being around their kids has gone done in both lower class and middle class families.  Children who are born pre mature are surviving at a higher rate and have a higher risk of having ADD or other neurological disabilities.  Gabarino means to say is that its not the violence itself which is the issue but the reasons for the violence that we should look at.  We can’t blame race because its happening everywhere.  We can’t blame the individual either because it may not be their fault but rather their upbringing.

Gabarino moves for more compassion for the children committing these acts, and still after much consideration I would agree.  If a child who seemed perfect and normal one day snaps and goes to a school to shoot his/her friends, then their needs to be an explanation other then “He did it so he’s guilty so well deal with him as such”.  These youths are most likely troubled souls who have been abused or witnessed to this violence in order to have this breaking point.  Because of all this it is my belief that whatever the issue may be, every case is different, and should therefore be dealt with as such.  No subjective sentence can simply encompass all these youths, and steps should be taken to help these kids.


2 Responses to “Gabarino Response”

  1. samuelliddell January 10, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    Hi Scott!

    Your organization on your response is really strong, with the ideas presented in a very clear and effective manner. I also think that your response in the third paragraph really captures the hopelessness and complex issues in the chapter.

    As for areas where you might be able to add information, I suggest returning to the second paragraph and going slightly further into detail about the persisting issues rooted in slavery and the attitudes brought north from the Old South. Past that, I saw no areas where I was feeling a need for more information.

    During revision, I recommend reading through certain longer sentences and adding comas to control the flow of your writing. I would also watch for the repetition of certain words within sentences, such as doubling “this” in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

    The writing is good, and past these comments I thought it was great!

  2. writingarguments January 17, 2013 at 5:40 am #

    You touch on several interesting points in Garbarino’s piece (ADD, decline of family), and I appreciate your vote for sympathy towards the shooters. Less summary and more evaluation and application will strengthen this. As will much more editing. Thanks.

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