Learning Goals

7 Jan

In the writing world one my of my stronger attributes is my ability to use other works I’ve read in my writing and mesh them almost seamlessly with my arguments. I say this because I understand the things I read very well, and have a great memory for detail. I can make assertions from parcels of writing that others may or may not see and find a way to work them into a more affective format in my argument. With rhetoric in mind I would say I also can use a piece of writing that says one things and turn it around for the sake of an argument to mean another, and this is one of the ways in which I like to argue some of my points in writing.
Another of my strong suits would have to be my ability to “write effectively in different kinds of situations”. I would not call myself the strongest writer in the world but I am imaginative and creative and can write well in many areas or kinds of formal or informal writing. I have had a lot of experiences writing different for different situations as I took a variety of English classes in high school which covered much of the writing spectrum.
I’d say my weaknesses in writing are my poor editing and revision skills. I edit I tend to miss a lot or not see as much need for change as is noticeable to someone else reading my writing. A lot of arguments I make that make sense to me (also I write off into tangents sometimes and I may think they are related topic but when reviewed they really aren’t) might not make sense to someone else and I can miss that often. This to me seems to also be the cause for my lack of skill in revising because I don’t wholly recognize the problem in the first place always. Once I have an idea of what needs to be revised though I can usually do a good job at fixing it, but I would say this is still an area that needs some work.


One Response to “Learning Goals”

  1. writingarguments January 17, 2013 at 4:09 am #

    We’ll write for a different audience in each of the WPs, so you’ll get more practice with different rhetorical situations. Thank you for the inventory.

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